How to be healthy as some sportsmen are?

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How to be healthy as some sportsmen are?

    There are many famous and known sportsmen who are achieving great scores and accomplishments such as Lionel Messi in football, or Kobe Bryant in basketball. They are real rock stars when they are appearing on the TV but you should know that they are investing a lot of their time in their performance on the court.

    All sportsmen need to be fit and have a great physical ability. Their profession counts as a hard job and in this way they need more calories than people who doesn’t do sports professionally. They are spending around 4000 – 5000 calories a day and in order to achieve this, they need to have a very ambitious diet. They are eating around 5 times per day in a carefully calculated program with five meals. Aside from this, they are going each day to the gym in order to keep their body fit. They need to have a meal around 4 hours before their training. All meals should have a decent ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.2013-04-12_155329

    If you like sport, then you know that sweat is something which comes with it. To prevent the dehydration process, you need to take as much water as you can. Vitamins and minerals are essential to each body in the world and sportsmen need them a lot. They are flushed out of the body by sweat and needs to be taken each day.

    shutterstock_soda-coke1It is easy to talk about things that you need to do as a healthy person but the most important things are those which are forbidden. In general, you should avoid them. First of all, sodas of any sorts are advised to avoid. They aren’t 100% natural product and thus are making your body produce various toxins which are unwanted in the sportsmen body. Complexed sugars and food with high-fat concentration should be avoided. Alcohol is especially advised to be completely absent of it.


Professional athletes sleep each day about 9 – 10 hours and even during the daylight they have some small nap. This is very important for health and normal functioning of the organism. People who sleep regularly have less chances to have cardiovascular diseases or heart failures.

    One of the great things which is making all of this process much easier is the chart with all sorts of values on it. There you can read anything about the calories and values of food so you can keep in touch with your diet. This is essential to any sportsmen.mainworkout1_600x450

    You should remember to drink water. Normally, people should drink around 4 liters per day but sportsmen must drink more, up to 6 liters.  They won’t get dehydrated and won’t get sick. After each meal water is necessary.

    If you want to be healthy and in a good physical shape, follow sports diet and train each day. Make your heart strong and your muscles tough.


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