Extremely healthy and useful foods athletes eat

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Extremely healthy and useful foods athletes eat

     Very few people ask athletes what they eat and a lot of people are envious of the readiness of those athletes. If you want to train and be healthy and strong as those athletes then you should ask around about some tips and tricks those athletes use.

    Don’t go out and buy supplements that “athletes” use, because no sane sportsman would use those things. They are unhealthy and they do little good to the body. Instead of that, you should eat foods that boost different aspects of your body, as real athletes do.

    51bc6d4bdbd0cb1e7f000d1a._w.540_s.fit_First of all, there is Quinoa. This grain is a whole grain and it has twice as much protein than other grains. It also has all essential amino acids that our body needs to recover from the practice and to build the muscle. It can be eaten as a cereal along with honey or you can replace the rice with it, it doesn’t matter.

   Salmon along with another oily fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and protein and it is a perfect food for anyone who likes to spend long hours practicing. The components found in this kind of fish also reduce the inflammation that occurs in some athletes. If there is a source of wild salmon near you and it isn’t too expensive then you should eat that instead of farmed salmon as it is healthier. I would advise that you avoid pills that contain these components and avoid salmon in the oil as the rancid oil found in those packages has negative effects on the body.salmon_wide-99a4215134a578926fa1dd5a3a106b9a2c6795ef-s6-c30-600x336

     You should reap the carbohydrates from the whole grains, but sometimes that should be replaced by simple pasta. Pasta has fewer fibers that may upset your stomach and hinder your performance. Don’t buy pasta, as it has sugar in it, but made your own. Pasta is made very easily and it is extremely healthy if it is made well.

You have probably seen tennis players and other athletes eating bananas and you probably wondered why they do that. Well, bananas have several positive effects on the body and due to that, they are prized by the athletes. First of all, they are the natural source of electrolytes and sugar and it is easily digestible. Bananas also have a lot of potassium and they are good for regulation of fluids after the workout as they prevent muscle cramps that happen due to lack of potassium in the body (the potassium is lost through sweating).


Berries are packed with antioxidants and due to the large amount of them they are good against free radicals and oxidative stress released during the exercise. If you can choose then choose the berries with a darker color (blackberries, blueberries) as they have more protective substances and phytochemicals. You can eat them fresh (with or without little sugar) or you can make a smoothie, it doesn’t really make any difference. Just don’t cook them or anything like that as they lose their properties if they are not fresh.

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