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Tips and tricks that will help you become better at sports

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Tips and tricks that will help you become better at sports

      Looking at athletes and their top health and body shape many people envy them. But there are some things that those people fail to notice, and that is how much time they invest in their body and overall health. Before you go on and say that they are using some additives in order to achieve that level of body health you should look into some things they do to achieve that. We have been researching and we found out 5 important pieces of advice every athlete uses in order to keep up with rigorous demands on big competitions.

–    PART1Carbohydrates are very important as they are the main fuel of an athlete. Carbohydrates are changed into the glycogen that is used as energy during the exercise. Normal people have only enough glycogen for around 90 minutes of extreme exercise and the point is to go over that. This can be done by eating foods that have a load of carbohydrates (vegetables, pasta, and fruit). If you want to exercise for a long time then keep eating snacks and drinking fluid every 20 or so minutes.

–    Proteins must be taken through natural sources, but don’t overdo it. They are natural sources of energy, but overdoing with them can hurt the balance of your body. Protein supplements contain too many proteins and that damages the kidneys. Instead of that, you should seek proteins in lean meat, poultry, eggs, and milk. Milk is also very good for the after exercise recovery as it has a good balance of both carbohydrates and proteins.eat_your_protein

–    Fat can be useful if you know what kind of fat to consume. Fat is used as a source of energy once the levels of carbohydrate in your body go down. But not all fat is good, and athletes gain all fat they require from sources of saturated fat (salmon, tuna, avocados, nuts and so on). But if you are an athlete then avoid any fatty food on the day you are going to an event (or if you want to exercise) because it might upset your stomach.

–    Drinking a lot of fluids keeps your body hydrated and it prevents internal injuries during the exercise. The loss of fluid in the body diminishes your performance and due to that and some possible life-threatening effects of dehydration you should keep your body hydrated. If the weather is hot while you exercise then you should drink more fluids and vice versa. Never let your thirst going on so whenever you feel only slightly thirsty you should drink water to satiate the thirst.hydration

–    Be sure to replace the electrolytes you lose through sweating by drinking sports drinks. More you sweat more electrolytes you lose and they are very important in the transmission of nerve signals throughout the body. If you sweat more than other people then you should mix sports drinks with water.

    Follow these tips and you will be able to raise the overall state of your body to the next level.

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Extremely healthy and useful foods athletes eat

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Extremely healthy and useful foods athletes eat

     Very few people ask athletes what they eat and a lot of people are envious of the readiness of those athletes. If you want to train and be healthy and strong as those athletes then you should ask around about some tips and tricks those athletes use.

    Don’t go out and buy supplements that “athletes” use, because no sane sportsman would use those things. They are unhealthy and they do little good to the body. Instead of that, you should eat foods that boost different aspects of your body, as real athletes do.

    51bc6d4bdbd0cb1e7f000d1a._w.540_s.fit_First of all, there is Quinoa. This grain is a whole grain and it has twice as much protein than other grains. It also has all essential amino acids that our body needs to recover from the practice and to build the muscle. It can be eaten as a cereal along with honey or you can replace the rice with it, it doesn’t matter.

   Salmon along with another oily fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and protein and it is a perfect food for anyone who likes to spend long hours practicing. The components found in this kind of fish also reduce the inflammation that occurs in some athletes. If there is a source of wild salmon near you and it isn’t too expensive then you should eat that instead of farmed salmon as it is healthier. I would advise that you avoid pills that contain these components and avoid salmon in the oil as the rancid oil found in those packages has negative effects on the body.salmon_wide-99a4215134a578926fa1dd5a3a106b9a2c6795ef-s6-c30-600x336

     You should reap the carbohydrates from the whole grains, but sometimes that should be replaced by simple pasta. Pasta has fewer fibers that may upset your stomach and hinder your performance. Don’t buy pasta, as it has sugar in it, but made your own. Pasta is made very easily and it is extremely healthy if it is made well.

You have probably seen tennis players and other athletes eating bananas and you probably wondered why they do that. Well, bananas have several positive effects on the body and due to that, they are prized by the athletes. First of all, they are the natural source of electrolytes and sugar and it is easily digestible. Bananas also have a lot of potassium and they are good for regulation of fluids after the workout as they prevent muscle cramps that happen due to lack of potassium in the body (the potassium is lost through sweating).


Berries are packed with antioxidants and due to the large amount of them they are good against free radicals and oxidative stress released during the exercise. If you can choose then choose the berries with a darker color (blackberries, blueberries) as they have more protective substances and phytochemicals. You can eat them fresh (with or without little sugar) or you can make a smoothie, it doesn’t really make any difference. Just don’t cook them or anything like that as they lose their properties if they are not fresh.

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The best exercises for becoming fit

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The best exercises for becoming fit

    Everybody wants to be fit; ladies tend to have flat belly and boys want to have great muscles on their stomach. This isn’t easy as it seems. Anybody who wants to be fit needs to know some of the basic rules when it comes to exercises. With the exercises, you need to adapt certain forms of food diet.

    First of all, one of the best ways of training is a simple walk. You can walk every day and in every direction. In this way, you will have your body and heart stronger for many complex exercises. Walking is something which many sportsman or bodybuilders underestimate, probably because it doesn’t present any challenge for them.

    If you have the opportunity to swim, then you should do it also. Swimming is one of the best exercises for your heart and lungs. All of your muscles are functioning when you are swimming and in that way, it is better to practice swimming and not to play any sport. If you have a pool, lake or sea nearby then you should use it for exercising.CrescoSwim

    The next and very good way of exercising is cycling. This is very interesting and fun, and you can do it with your friends through the countryside, but this way of exercising has some disadvantages and can lead to some heart problems. Cycling is the best way of losing fats and unnecessary calories. This way of exercise is useful in particular for people who want to lose weight, have problems with circulation or they just want to be fit.cycling


Other interesting things in which you might be interested in are interesting exercises for muscles. One of the first and most useful ways of training for muscles are pushups. There are many ways of doing pushups, and you need to do it correctly. Some people have problems with their ankles when doing push-ups. Squat jumps are next in line when it comes to doing various exercises for your body. These exercises are mostly made for legs and muscles called quadriceps. These two exercises demand lots of energy and thus they are great for losing weight.

    If you want to test your resilience and strength, then you can do a plank exercise. This simple exercise will make you see your strength. If you hold on enough time, then you might have some pain in the morning but do not worry this exercise is great.

    1dffa6650b5c1bdae00adef8a2868549The last exercise for being fit is yoga. Practicing yoga makes you stronger in your spiritual as well in the physical strength. Yoga helps with losing weight and improving your body fitness in general. The specific thing on which this exercise is affecting is flexibility which is very good for your knuckles. Doing yoga makes your body capable of doing some physical tasks which are hard.

    Here are some of the major exercises when it comes to losing weight. Check them all out and practice the one you like the most. Cheers!


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Becoming a professional sportsman? Here are the meals you should eat

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Becoming a professional sportsman? Here are the meals you should eat

    If you want to become a professional sportsman, then you need to eat proper meals. These meals can be made of all sorts of vegetables, meat, pasta, fruit, etc. In this article, you will read everything that you need to eat if you want to be a very good sportsman.

    If you have ever asked yourself what professional sportsman eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you’ve probably wouldn’t be shocked because they are eating some simple meal which has carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to satisfy their needs. One of the great examples of food which is sportsman eating is a meal of Kobe Bryant. He likes to eat some chicken, rice, and vegetables. This meal is excellent for a sportsman like he is. Derek Jeter, on the other hand, likes pancake and omelet.  In this meal, you can find enough food to satisfy his energy needs.Kobe-Bryant1

Life of professional sportsman is challenging when it comes to food. They need to calculate almost every calorie that they ingest in their system. In this way, sportsman tends to keep fit and won’t get sick.

OB-TW496_ifood_G_20120724034451Sportsman usually starts their daily routine by eating some fresh food like fish and salad for breakfast. This food needs to have enough calories but also to be light. Some of them train all day, and they need a big calorie diet if they want to keep up entire training. When it’s time for lunch, chicken, and some vegetables is probably the best solution for it. You need to eat in the specific time if you want your body in the perfect shape. You need to train a lot if you want to improve your body fitness and your body strength. Next in line is dinner. Dinner needs to be light, something like boiled eggs, bacon, some fruit would be a real treat for a tired body.

    With your food diet, you need to implement adequate exercise. One of the best ways of exercise is walking. You can walk per day a few miles, and that can be quite good for you heart and your cardiovascular system. Despite that, the most important parts of exercises are those who are boosting your heart and your body condition. Training muscles in arms and legs aren’t much important, but managers usually advise this to their sportsman.

    Every meal needs to have a good ratio and proportion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins to feed your body well. If you fail to get these important matters into your organism, then you will have problems with your body, and you won’t be able to withstand large pressures.

    One of the best things which you may do when it comes to taking a good diet is to take notes about meals and all sorts of other supplements or food additives you might use. In this way, you will always know where you are and how much your body can withstand. All of this professional sportsman must do.

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How to be healthy as some sportsmen are?

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How to be healthy as some sportsmen are?

    There are many famous and known sportsmen who are achieving great scores and accomplishments such as Lionel Messi in football, or Kobe Bryant in basketball. They are real rock stars when they are appearing on the TV but you should know that they are investing a lot of their time in their performance on the court.

    All sportsmen need to be fit and have a great physical ability. Their profession counts as a hard job and in this way they need more calories than people who doesn’t do sports professionally. They are spending around 4000 – 5000 calories a day and in order to achieve this, they need to have a very ambitious diet. They are eating around 5 times per day in a carefully calculated program with five meals. Aside from this, they are going each day to the gym in order to keep their body fit. They need to have a meal around 4 hours before their training. All meals should have a decent ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.2013-04-12_155329

    If you like sport, then you know that sweat is something which comes with it. To prevent the dehydration process, you need to take as much water as you can. Vitamins and minerals are essential to each body in the world and sportsmen need them a lot. They are flushed out of the body by sweat and needs to be taken each day.

    shutterstock_soda-coke1It is easy to talk about things that you need to do as a healthy person but the most important things are those which are forbidden. In general, you should avoid them. First of all, sodas of any sorts are advised to avoid. They aren’t 100% natural product and thus are making your body produce various toxins which are unwanted in the sportsmen body. Complexed sugars and food with high-fat concentration should be avoided. Alcohol is especially advised to be completely absent of it.


Professional athletes sleep each day about 9 – 10 hours and even during the daylight they have some small nap. This is very important for health and normal functioning of the organism. People who sleep regularly have less chances to have cardiovascular diseases or heart failures.

    One of the great things which is making all of this process much easier is the chart with all sorts of values on it. There you can read anything about the calories and values of food so you can keep in touch with your diet. This is essential to any sportsmen.mainworkout1_600x450

    You should remember to drink water. Normally, people should drink around 4 liters per day but sportsmen must drink more, up to 6 liters.  They won’t get dehydrated and won’t get sick. After each meal water is necessary.

    If you want to be healthy and in a good physical shape, follow sports diet and train each day. Make your heart strong and your muscles tough.


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