Buyer’s Guide – Find The Best Kitchen Knife

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A knife is an important tool in the kitchen and without it, it would be impossible to prepare any dish. Moreover, you also need to understand that kitchen knives are available in a variety of sizes and shapes since each knife is meant for a particular job. If you want to find the best kitchen knife, there are some factors that you need to consider so that you get the right knife or the right use. Furthermore, there are those that are considered to be basic knives since they are meant for everyday use. This guide will help you acknowledge different types of knives that are available today and how to find the best one for your kitchen.

Things To Consider When Buying Kitchen Knives

Type Of Knife You Want

prepare small fruits and vegetablesWhen it comes to choosing a basic knife, there is an array of options to choose from. Starting with a paring knife which is small in size and usually used to prepare small fruits and vegetables. The blade of this particular knife is seven to ten centimeters long and has a sharp pointed end. Another type of basic knife which is common in most homes is the utility knife. A utility knife is used to trim and cut meat as well as vegetables. It is also used to prepare sandwiches since it has a long blade that measures thirteen centimeters.

Another basic knife you will need is the bread knife. A bread knife has scalloped or rigid serrated edges. You can use this type of knife to cut through a crust of loaf without having to tear or squash the soft center, which is why it is considered to be the best knife for cutting bread. A carving knife is also another type of basic knife, and it is used to remove meat from bones. This is a flexible blade that measures twenty to twenty-six centimeters.

A cleaver is also categorized as one of the basic knives. That is because you cannot use the other knives to chop meat, but you can do this using a cleaver. However, you need to be aware of the fact that this particular knife has a thick heavy blade and has a curved edge. Besides chopping meat, you can use this knife to prepare joints and also to cut through large bones.

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Quality Of The Steel

The SteelAfter making your decision on the type of knife you want, the second factor you need to emphasize on is the quality of the knife’s steel. Most brands use regular steel to manufacture knives, but it is the not the best material. That is because regular steel only lasts for a short period before it starts to rust. The best kitchen knife should have a high carbon steel, which is durable and stainless. You can use such a knife for a long period without having to worry about rusting or discoloration.

Construction Of The Blade

You also need to consider the construction of the blade when choosing a kitchen knife. You can choose either a forged or a stamped knife depending on what you plan to do with the knife. The difference between these two blades is that a stamped knife is cut via a template, while the forged blade is manufactured through a repeated process of folding, heating, and cooling. Forged knives are much denser and have a better balance and edge retention.

Handle Of The Knife

To find the best kitchen knife, it is advisable that you consider the handle as well especially if you are going to be using this tool for long hours. Some kitchen knives are designed with a slippery handle, while others provide a small grip making it difficult to use the knife. The grip of your kitchen knife should be comfortable to make it easy for you to use. Furthermore, it is advisable that you test the knife before purchasing this tool.

Weight Of The Knife

Kitchen knives also vary in weight and because of this reason, you might want to feel the weight of the kitchen knife you want to make sure that you are comfortable with its weight. If the knife is too heavy, it will be difficult for you to use and if it is too light, you will be required to use extra force when using the knife. Therefore, make sure that the knife you choose has a standard weight.

The Cutting Edge Of The Knife

Kitchen knives do not have the same cutting edge. Some have a short cutting edge while others have a long one that starts from the tip and ends at the hilt. A knife with a good cutting edge is what you need since it cuts easy and smoothly.


Finding the best kitchen knife is not easy, but with the help of this guide, you can be sure to choose a knife that will be comfortable for you to use. Furthermore, make sure that you compare the price of the knife you want among various dealers to get the best offer.

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